Personal transfiguration is unique to each individual, using proven concepts in exercise & nutritional programming and our 50 years combined experience in transforming the health and fitness of over 300 people we ensure our personalised transfiguration programmes get you the results you want and need…. or your money back!! Having the best programme in the world means nothing unless you have the attitude and motivation to go at it hard, which at times even top athletes struggle with, which is why your highly qualified trainer will be on hand to advise, guide, support, motivate and push you every step of the way!!

“A journey of thousand miles, begins with a single step”, and to begin that journey with you, we start with FREE 1-Hour Road Map to Health & Vitality Discovery session so you can; get to know us, check out the environment & atmosphere, discuss your goals and get an in-depth fitness assessment to know exactly where you are starting from and what’s possible. You see, over the years we’ve found that the key to long term transfiguration is ensuring you have the correct foundations in place & programme to follow. This can only be achieved by diving deep at the beginning into your motivational drivers, physical capabilities and long terms goals to get a true understanding of what you need, but more importantly what will work for you in the long run.

To begin your journey with us….

* Stage 1: (FREE - 1 Hour Road Map to Health & Vitality Discovery session)

* Getting to know you - A discussion around your lifestyle and goals. We listen.

* Mobility & Flexibility - A comprehensive movement assessment to screen for postural imbalances and any areas of weakness. Generic “off the shelf” programmes often miss and don’t take into account underlying issues, which can compromise your enjoyment and results.

* Body Stats analysis – A comprehensive evaluating body fat, visceral fat, lean muscle mass and hydration or a short workout based on your initial assessment. This not only helps qualify goals but can also detect underlying health risks. Literally life-saving

* Strength & Endurance – A comprehensive 15-minute session to evaluate cardio raspatory…

As you can see our FREE 1-hour Road Map to Health & Vitality Discovery Session, is specifically designed to give you a straight-talking heads up view of where you are now, what quick and simply adjustments to make to begin your transfiguration, but more importantly where and you can, indeed must, succeed long term in getting the body & lifestyle you dream of.

So, begin the journey with us today by Clicking the link below and scheduling your FREE Road Map to Health & Vitality 1 Hour Discovery Session.